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Scan and Checkout

We've been in business in Anchorage since 2004, and we have yet to meet anyone who actually enjoys the hassle and expense of auto repairs. More often it seems like folks' cars break down at the worst times - both for the schedule and the budget. One thing we see again and again, is how many of these repairs could have been prevented through regular maintenance. Unlike waiting until your car stops working, regular maintenance can happen on your schedule and it is far-less expensive than the repairs that a lack of maintenance often require. Most people find that argument pretty compelling. But what if you have no idea what regular maintenance is for your car, or when it needs its next check-up? That is where we come in: We'll do a check-up for you. We really will - no strings. Call to make an appointment, of just contact us and we'll do a scan and a check-up for you. We won't take your car apart for a comprehensive exam, but we can help yo ... read more

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